Every day is a new angle. A chance to create something awesome. To put something original in focus. And watch it frame by frame. Just like every project is a new experience. Full of challenges. Exciting moments. Good times. Great people. And to tell you the truth, we can’t wait for the next one.

Have a sneak peek at what we recently did. And what we can do for you. Check out our latest projects right here. Then just get in touch, and tell us what do you have in mind for our next big challenge.

Bavaria Trachten - Tradition and Quality from Germany

Bavaria Trachten is a family business based in Miami, Florida, with roots in the German textile and leather industry dating back to the early 19th century. Crafting traditional clothing is in their blood, and the Lederhosen they create today have their origins in the Old World and the working class of Germany.

Our task was to support Bavaria Trachten through product photography, emphasizing the quality and authenticity of their products intended for online sales. Our photographs helped establish a strong visual presence, showcasing their passion for German tradition.

Helavo Rollators: Enhancing Mobility with Walking Aids

Meet our client, Helavo Rollators, a German company specializing in the production of walking aids for individuals with mobility challenges. Our role was to provide support to Helavo Rollators through photo and video production to highlight their products and commitment to quality. Through our collaboration, we successfully shared their story and contributed to a better understanding of their mission. With Helavo Rollators, we work to make a positive impact and improve the quality of life.

Central Dance Event 2022: Lighting Up Belgrade's New Year's Celebration

Traditionally, the New Year’s celebration in Belgrade lasts for days, thanks to this festival. Once again, we were in charge of the impressive LED screens that complement the entire sets of renowned DJs.

The Central Dance Event is a shining star in Belgrade’s New Year’s sky. Our team has once again illuminated the city, providing an unforgettable experience for the visitors. Our role was to create a magical atmosphere and make this festival even more special with our visualizations.

Peter Who: Embracing Modern Simplicity with Swiss Chocolate

Dive into the richness of Swiss chocolate by our client, PeterWho. Their chocolate boasts a rich taste and exceptional quality, a testament to Swiss craftsmanship. Our task was to help PeterWho reach the younger generation, offering them a taste of modern charm and sophistication.

As we savoured every bite of this captivating chocolate, we captured its story in an inspiring photo session. The results not only tasted delightful but also bore witness to our dedicated work in exploring the best qualities of our clients’ products.

Vega IT Pulse Podcast: Audio and Video Support

After a successful first season, Vega IT Pulse Podcast is back with an exciting second season. We are proud to provide comprehensive audio and video support for Vega IT Pulse, creating a captivating audio experience. Join us for a sneak peek of one of their podcast episodes. This showcases our expertise in audio and video production and allows you to explore how we bring the world of technology and innovation to life with Vega IT Pulse Podcast.

Captivating Animation: Unveiling the Blank Creative Agency Workflow

We’ve crafted an eye-catching word animation that demands your full attention, leaving you no room to blink. We created this video to showcase the workflow of Blank Creative Agency.

Our animation is more than just a visual spectacle; it’s a journey through the creative process that defines their identity.

'Pocni vec danas' | Vega IT

Vega IT, a leading software company, supports education and young talents in the IT sector. The ‘Start Today’ initiative inspires young minds for a successful IT career, awarding 9 scholarships for education.

Vega IT takes pride in supporting equality and diversity, believing everyone deserves encouragement. Besides education, they promote motivation and young talents. Our photo and video production contributed to the entire project.

d&b audiotechnik

Day or night, top-quality sound is the priority, and that’s where ‘d&b audiotechnik’ excels. An international company with partners across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, they craft their products exclusively in Germany. Collaborating with Novi Sad’s renowned entertainment hub ‘PUBeraj,’ we created a promo video for ‘AVL Projekt’ and ‘d&b audiotechnik,’ exploring how high-quality speakers enrich the music listening experience.

Central Dance Event 2020 | NYE

5 days of party, thousands of ravers from around the world and massive lighting and sound system… All that for the 7th successful year in a row directed by the unique “Central Dance Event” in the famous Belgrade port.

For the Central Dance Event 2020 event, we got the opportunity to contribute to an event like this with our VJ support on multiple-output, 4K resolution and giant LED screens for some of the best names from the electronic music scene of today.

Barutana Open Air | season 2020

Seventh traditional outdoor season in the famous Barutana in Belgrade started promising. We got the opportunity and trust to take over the complete part of visuals and animations during the performances of local artists, as well as some of the world’s best names from the electronic music scene.


With products like a cork basket, mop floor cleaner and smart bucket, Helavo is definitely a game-changer in its industry. They are mainly focused on online sales through Amazon platform, where our photos and videos represent their products all over the world.

More products are coming out soon, guess who is going to do the shooting?

Solid Work

Step by step they are conquering worldwide market with their innovative approach in the production of home appliances and safety equipment.

Our main focus was to create a media kit that is used mainly as a sales tool package, and it helps the brand to tell its story.

After we filmed and photographed the first three products for them and got positive reactions from the client, the cooperation with Solid Works continues, which is an additional wind in the back for us and for what we do.

Expo stand design

Once again we gained our client’s trust and have the opportunity to carry out a project from the very scratch, this time at world-renowned “CannaFest” fair which took place in Prague.

The things we were responsible for were design of the stand, realization and setting up the Ilesol booth, product presentation solutions, hologram animation, projection mapping animation, and overall production for the client’s expo stand.

One thing is for sure, the praise we have received from various visitors of the fair is a great thing that can only motivate our future business ventures.

Vega IT - StartUp Week 2019

When it comes to Vega IT, as our longtime client, we can say for sure that Vega IT is more than just a company – it is a way of thinking.

The idea with “StartUp Week” was to engage young entrepreneurs and help them on their way. People worked hard to develop 5 amazing ideas over 9 days. Winners now have the privilege of leading their dreams into a life.
Once again we had clients trust, who invited us to capture it all and explain the goals on screen.


People behind Heartcount think ahead about the help of AI technologies when it comes to happiness at work. Headcount is for catle only, heartcount is  what matters. This is why they have developed this wonderfull tool.
On this occasion, we had a chance to encounter and learn from the project, as well as provide video instruction manual and a web site header video. (
This is what Heartcount is all about! Future belongs to happy people.

Tell Me

The rush of the modern world has taken its toll.

The team behind the “Tell Me” idea is aware of the problems of modern communication today when it comes to emotional relationships of many couples around the globe.

After many researches led by experts, they came up with a game that will bring back the spark into your love life, and return to values that we have somehow forgotten along the way.

We were in charge for all the video production needed for US market. Many good things are yet to come!


Emakina is a worldwide agency with a truly digital DNA, building a high-performance digital businesses and delivering outstanding user experiences since 2001. 

Following the latest world trends, they challenged us to create the cinemagraphs and in that way make their website more attractive.

We had a pleasure to organize a photo/video shooting in their office in Novi Sad and make an awesome media content. 

User manual Video

When you access any new device, application, or a process, it’s always easier to look at the video user guide than to go through the printed and often unclear instructions in all languages except yours. 

The Austrian technological leader Septech recognized the advantage of video training and hired us to clarify their production process with pictures and footage so that they could begin to benefit by saving time on worker’s training as soon as possible. 

The answers to all questions regarding the use and maintenance are now available to everybody just by scanning the QR code on the machines. This is very interesting for manufacturers whose products or production processes are widespread around the world because we can make instructions in different languages.

Patterns of Life

We were blown away with incredible scientific facts about quantum psychology and neuroscience, combined and presented in a tangible and pragmatic way by our client from Vienna. Every day of our two weeks of filming added more meaning to our existence. Online courses will be available soon at but we highly recommend live sessions to everyone interested in self development and life improvement in general. 

Dreams don't work unless you do

Vega IT company gives young people the opportunity to learn from the best mentors through their internship program. It encourages them to be productive, to ask questions and to brainstorm along with their mentors. Taking an internship is one of the great ways to gain experience while working on real projects and to get to know the company’s culture as well. 

We were pleased to participate in this project and to create a video ( which will bring new entrepreneurs and successful young people to this world.

IT Relay

More than 550 enthusiasts from over than 50 companies gathered around the same goal – to run ( for the children’s happiness. This huge charity event grows annually and it is an honor to be a part of it. In the future, we are going to need a bigger park!


Scientists around the world are discovering new ways of treating and preventing various diseases by using cannabidiol. As humanity, we are only on the first page of this book, but new knowledge has already begun to shape the medicine. We can learn a lot form Ilesol (, a company from Croatia that has hired us to take photographs of products in this field.

Delta Agrar

The living prototypes of future farms were a really challenging environment for filming because everything had to be extremely clean of bacterias. Believe us, it is nothing like a common pig farm, it is really massive and very hi-tech. Every time that anyone needs to enter the facilities – he/she must go through detailed bath and wear sterilized uniform afterwards. This stands for equipment too, so we had to de-bacterialize every piece of gear that we brought in. This might sound odd for a pig farm but Delta Agrar annually rises their ensured place in Top 10 Farms Of The World when it comes to pig production so they know their expertise for sure.


After 24 years, Festival Of Ecological Theatre For Children And Youngsters still gathers a lot of people from minors to grandparents. Everyone can enjoy theatre from around the world, and there are workshops for all juvenile ages. Much more content is added every year and every day ends with concerts for teenagers and little elders. We were assigned for video production and this is probably the dearest project we did recently.


If you need a house – you need nothing more because their team offers you locations, solves all of the household paperwork for you, proceeds bank credit based on the house you choose and they build it. Latest technologies and procedures are involved when it comes to construction, ecology and safety, therefore we were specially equipped for every day of shooting at the construction site. In order to best display the procedure we had shooting in factory and offices as well. For all of us, this presented a first contact with the advanced idea of pre-fabricated walls factory.


This killer-app made by VirtualSpace from New Zealand is like a combination of several crucial applications in one super app. We could explain only part of it’s countless possibilities in communications, industry, agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, event organization and there is so much more for users to discover because everything can be digitized and put into our service – digitally. 

Webiz 5.0

The educational events brand that keeps progressing since 2013 and we are proud to have every event they organize in front of our camera lenses. Our favorite is the main event that is situated in Hotel Vojvodina, each year we are obligated to come up with new story in well known environment of Webiz Conference.

Teambuilding at Rab

Team-building events and travels at VegaIT became so massive that only drone can capture it. This was our task obviously and our guys were so honored to join them. They have been riding, sailing, swimming, diving, partying and playing various beach sports, now there are fabulous aerial and ground videos to remind them of all the moments. Those memories can keep the team spirit even in could winter days.

STAR Conference

125 colleagues, 19 contributors, 16 speakers and 2 tracks for 1 common goal. Knowledge sharing. Once again we were proven how big is the VegaIT community. Every day in their offices is like a free day but this one was special thanks to big effort of conference organizers. Also, once again we have learned somethings from lectures during our regular assignment, photo and video. 


The biggest meat producer in Novi Sad is always in a marketing campaign, and this time we were hired for filming a crucial footage for this year’s commercials. You will probably get hungry just by looking at few frames from shooting which are available behind the thumbnail on the left.

Golf Center

We had a pleasure to work with members of Serbian Golf National Team in between several lakes surrounded by vast grass fields, where are peacefully settled dozens of tournaments every season. There is a golf academy, restaurant and playground next to the giant monument too, so we had to place camera just about everywhere around and above one of the biggest golf courts in the region. A little bit of CGI spiced video up just enough to complete the scenes that can’t be shot totally at once.

Dental Tourism

It has been a very fast-growing side of tourism in our region lately, especially in Serbia and Croatia. Hundreds of tourists are attracted annually by high quality of dental services, especially in Novi Sad and Belgrade. Some of the best ordinations and dentists posed for our photos, and now their clients can enjoy in very visual websites where those images are telling a story about high class accommodation in our country, and very modern dental clinics hosted by our top dentistry experts. 


We were proud to work for one of the world’s leaders in financial and insurance technology innovators. Unfortunately,  product of our collaboration can not be displayed in public as it is only for internal usage,  but this quickly-growing enterprise already counts more than 8000 employees over the world so it’s already a major audience. 

Coca Cola

They logo and their product is unchanged for over a century but packages were always a matter of experimentation. This time, the best known graphic designers and street artists we gathered to decorate bottles,  dresses and cars,  and we were there to capture those in action. Once again, video is only for in-company purpose so we can not share it with you but you can find few parts from it in our showreel. Just don’t tell anyone.  



Launching a new model of their most superior smartphone always requires special approach and obviously a special photo and video crew for promoter’s report. We can only confirm you how Edge+ is awesome advice because our products were strictly for companies management and marketing team. Luckily, that still is a numerous crowd.

Vega IT

When company’s CEO saw that concrete  and windows vastness with infinite columns,  he immediately said:”we need to make the underground techno party in here before we build new office space.” 
Next week everything was there, from scratch to stage and party kinda opened this construction site. Few months later,  VegaIT was moved into one the best looking offices in Novi Sad.

A building size of football stadium made in just four months proofs how limitless are capabilities of the biggest construction company in Balkans. Over 200 workers daily did their best, over 6000 trucks offloaded their goods and we filmed it all during more than a 100 days on field.

Webiz 5.0 (2017)

Over the past few years a very well organized conferences and business education programs ranked this project as the most successful in the field of modern technologies and innovations in Serbia, whose events have so far visited by several thousands of people. It was our pleasure to provide media support to this unique mode of education and training on business applications of the Internet and once again show the importance of non-formal education.

Converse Rubber track

With its great campaign, a long known brand enabled all young music scene’s up-and-comers to sign up and show what they know. Through recording of 12 workshops and lectures by renowned musicians we all learned a lot, and after 8 cities grand final project was a competition in Belgrade, whose winners , won a song recording  in a professional recording studio and cooperation with top producer from England. Talent and hard work enabled them to reach what was seemingly unattainable, which was a good reminder and encouragement to everyone involved in the half-year project that included four countries in the region.


A well known energy drink needs an energetic marketing. Exactly that’s why we were hired. Take a look at our commercial, 30 seconds will explain you everything. If it goes too fast for you, drink a Guarana and try again.


Do you believe that future of roulette is not in casino? Take a notice that Gaja opened the windows for live streaming roulette with Serbia’s first, and so far only online live transmitted roulette. A little bit of green screen and a lot of animating ended up in almost every commercial break on SPORT CLUB TV.

MIX the city

British Council invests enormous efforts and fonds in people’s education and almost each their project is world wide, just like MixTheCity. Various musicians form selected parts of the world, conducted by composers like Kutiman and Ghostpoet, unite their samples into the online platform so now you can see, listen and mix some places in the world. It took us 2 weeks to travel around 7 countries, record the samples and footage that presents cultural variety across the Balkans.


This arts center brings together all who know the value of art with the slogan “Create further.”

Every visitor had the opportunity to awake the creator in himself through interactive exhibitions, workshops and music programs. Our cameramen didn’t run out of inspiration within the old brick factory which is the perfect place for the birth of ideas in the field of nine arts where everyone can find a place for themselves, to feel the artwork of more than 500 exhibitors, but also to create their own arts and become part of the artistic universe.